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The Videos I Come Back To

These are all the videos that I just need to transfer to a CD because YouTube is tired of me looking them up. I've always wanted to compile them in some way, so here they are. Going through these also made me re-realize how talented Taylor Swift is; if you like her at all, watch her videos below. There are more videos of her here than anyone else, and that's because she's the artist I've liked the most consistently for the longest amount of time. And also she is just really good in these clips. Read on!


The Trapeze Swinger  |   Gregory Alan Isakov


This is a cover that Isakov did of Iron & Wine's song "The Trapeze Swinger". It's haunting, his voice croons so beautifully with these acoustics, and I've probably watched this a million times.


Change of Heart  |  The 1975


This is The 1975's official music video for "Change of Heart", a popular song of their most recent album. I love the symbolism in this video, and one would need to have prior knowledge of the band to fully understand it (mainly of "Robbers"). It shows a great deal of development from their last record and of the lead singer, Matty, and his emotional and artistic growth. I adore this concept and find myself coming back to this again and again.


Comrade  |  Volcano Choir


Everyone knows Bon Iver, but not everyone knows Volcano Choir, a side project of his from a few years back. Justin Vernon claims that his time working on Volcano Choir's full-length album was the reset and refresh he needed artistically and emotionally. That feeling is a common thread throughout the album-- it sounds different than what he was working on in Bon Iver. Volcano Choir's music reminds me a lot of the ocean; maybe because of the album cover, but mostly because the best way I can describe their sounds is stunningly chaotic. It's beautifully cacophonous. This performance has so much emotion that it's easy to come back to. It's inspiring as an artist to see these musicians come together and create something that Vernon could have never created alone. 


Back to December  | Taylor Swift


I've been repeatedly watching this performance online since it aired on Thanksgiving in 2010. In anticipation for Speak Now's release, Taylor Swift performed "Back to December" in Central Park for some fans. I think this song is beautiful and it was something quite groundbreaking for her at the time - she hadn't written many apology songs. Her vulnerability inspired me, and she sounds absolutely flawless in this performance. In most of her performances I've included here, she's completely in her element. In a space of her choosing, with the fans. That is when she sounds her best. 


Lasan  |  Michael Kiwanuka


"Lasan" holds emotional weight for me, as it's a thread throughout my relationship with my partner Andrew. This performance is so soothing it sometimes brings me to tears. Michael Kiwanuka is so talented, and I am in awe by every project he puts out. I'm really glad he finally got some widespread recognition after being used for Big Little Lies (the director has impeccable music taste). 


I Wish I Knew + Keep  |  Sharon Van Etten


I don't even need to describe this one. This video is connected to her debut album's reissue and remastering, and she sounds transcendent. I've said it before: her voice belongs in a museum. 


When You Come Back Down  |  Nickel Creek


This one is nostalgic for me. I grew up listening to Nickel Creek; my mom has great music taste. Their songs remind me of my childhood. In 2014, they reunited for a tour and an album, and my mom gifted me fourth row seats to their show at the Ryman. This is a live recording of my favorite song at that same show. Their talent brings tears to my eyes and I'm not embarrassed one bit.


Treacherous  |  Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift performed "Treacherous", the third track off her album Red, for the first time the day she announced the album. She played it acoustically in her house for a handful of fans. She sounds beautiful. 


Tenenbaum  |  The Paper Kites featuring Lennon Stella


I've watched Lennon on the show Nashville for years, and her voice is pretty extraordinary. The Paper Kites is one of my favorite bands; Twelvefour is one of my top-ten favorite albums of all time. This song, "Tenenbaum", is one of their earlier tracks. It also happens to be Lennon's favorite. Last year when they were in Nashville on tour, they asked Lennon to join them on stage to perform it. They filmed this acoustic video before the show at the Ryman, and it is so, so good.


England  |  The National


My best friend Michelle got me interested and hooked on The National. Other than "About Today", I remember her saying long ago that this was her favorite song. It reminds me of her, and I always go looking for this live version at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


Out of the Woods  |  Taylor Swift


This song is about Harry Styles. This song is good. Taylor's voice is stunning. I cannot even.

So, the end for now. I will continue to add the more videos I remember. For now, I'm just happy I have all these in one place. And if you can only watch one, I implore you to put "Lasan" on repeat, sit back, and relax.

Sincerely, all my best,


Cariann Bradley