Cariann Bradley


Midnight Woman is redefining the way we express and understand what's happened to us—

—Join us in wringing the cloths of silence.


In 2018, I created a brand called Midnight Woman. I wanted a platform to share my own story and that platform didn't exist. I made one. While I'm still learning about the world, I do know one thing for absolutely certain: there is nothing more powerful than connecting through experience.


So that's what Midnight Woman is for. It's for your mom, your brother, your crazy Aunt Eileen. It's for the girl who never asked to be violated but now has to live with that violation for the rest of her life. It's for the addict that took years to be clean. It's for the person who wants to be understood. And it's all anonymous.


Role: Director and writer.

Here's to the woman who...

Here's to the woman who feels overlooked. Here's to the woman who gets yelled at for no reason. Here's to the woman who thought he loved her. Here's to the woman who still misses who she thought he was. Here's to the woman who was lied to for years. Here's to the woman who said, "No," and was met with hostility or invalidation. Here's to the woman who was slut-shamed. Here's to the woman who could only get him to say, "I love you," if she was willing to be sexually intimate. Here's to the woman who put herself out there and was told she was crazy. Here's to the woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. Here's to the woman who struggles going back to the places they went together. Here's to the woman who was told, "I videoed everything we did." Here's to the woman who tried to find justice but could only give it to herself. I have known you and been you. "Haven" is for you. 

"Haven" is a visual essay created by a badass, all-female crew for a rhetoric class. Music also by badass women. No copyright infringement intended.


Go Forth

This short film aims to...

...capture the essence and process of the artist. Chattanooga-based band The Deacons is bringing classic rock and roll back to the south. In "Go Forth", front-man and songwriter Andrew Thomas grapples with the meaning behind his band's debut album, as well as his own transitioning spirituality beckoning to him from music and the outside world. Featuring a poem by writer Cariann Bradley, this visual documentation explores the main goal of every artist: to brush fingertips with the divine. (Cariann Bradley, 2017)

Role: Best boy and writer.